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Katy Perry Stars in Pun-Driven Popchips Ads
Katy Perry is the face of Popchips, and the ‘Wide Awake’ singer is also an investor, so she stars in the new fall ad campaign for the light snack. The ads are colorful, with green, blue and red backgrounds, and they are pun-driven. Doesn’t Perry look thrilled t…
John Mayer Dumped Katy Perry Over Email
John Mayer once referred to his ex Taylor Swift writing about their relationship and their split in a song as “cheap songwriting” but we’re going to call his method of dumping Katy Perry (after a very short and public romance) a cheap move.
Mayer reportedly…
The Top Songs Of 2012 – So Far
As we are about to end summer and head into fall, we have to take a look at some of the songs that have rocked us so far. Take our poll, and let us know which 2012 hit is your favorite from 2012 - so far.

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