The Duck Dynasty Beard App
I love fun things. Thanks to Neal White for showing me this. You can look exactly like one of the guys from the TV show, Duck Dynasty with their beard app.
Happy Birthday J.R.
Everyone has their own special day, and today belongs to our very own J.R. who's birthday is today!
FUN Morning Show Finally Reveals Prank To JR [AUDIO]
The FUN Morning Show explained their actions this morning to everyone listening concerning what happened yesterday. In fact, there was no offensive act or anything for that matter done. It was the creativity of of our listening audience that made it more real for our unsuspecting J.R.
The FUN Morning Show Spoof Angus T. Jones Rant [VIDEO]
Is he crazy? $350,000 per episode, and Angus T. Jones wants to stop viewers from watching 2 and 1/2 Men? Suck it up kid! Well, this morning we started to feel a bit strange about our daily routine waking you up every morning. So we decided to record a little video.

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