The Best ‘It’s So Cold…’ Jokes 2016
The bitter cold is going to set in the Southcoast this weekend. Temperatures in the low teens means prime time cuddle sessions this Valentine's Day. Also a great time to brush up on your "It's So Cold" jokes!
Jokes for National Nude Day
#NationalNudeDay isn't just for nudists anymore. If you would like to celebrate without getting in your birthday suit, just tell a joke or two. Be the funny guy at the office for a day!
Our Favorite “It’s So Cold…” Jokes – 2015 Edition
Let's face it, when temperatures drop this fast, we need to do something to warm ourselves up. I've always found that even when your teeth are chattering so loudly my colleagues have to wear earplugs, it is the perfect time to laugh. After all, laughter is great exercise and is bound to warm us up e…
Jimmy Kimmel’s Yearly Halloween Candy Prank [VIDEO]
Halloween has come and gone, but candy remains. For the parents that is. The candy has been rationed out, hoarded for their favorites, and the one tiny piece they want has been picked. One man rocks little children's worlds to the core. Jimmy Kimmel...