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Baby Pranking [VIDEO]
Cameron Diaz seems like she is a ton of fun to hang out with. She was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and talked about how she likes to prank babies, which to me is hilarious!
Dancing Outlawed On The Tonight Show
I think Jimmy Fallon gives me something new to smile about almost every single day. He is absolutely hilarious and gets celebrities to do things and poke fun at themselves in a way no other TV show host can.
Jimmy Fallon Cross-Dresses with Michelle Obama [VIDEO]
On Late Night, Jimmy Fallon was always getting his celebrity guests to do crazy things. And I'm happy to see that The Tonight Show will be no different. But when First Lady Michelle Obama visited the show last night, I was more than surprised at what she agreed to be a part of.
Is The Use Of Hashtags Out Of Control?
Twitter has made the term "Hashtag" a #household name, but do people take it too far?
The idea behind the hashtag was to make it possible to group messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it...
Jimmy Fallon Debuts The New “Tonight Show” [VIDEO]
Jimmy Fallon debuted his version of "The Tonight Show" last night in New York accompanied by a ton of a-list celebrities. His parents were also in attendance. The celebrities in attendance all had place a $100 bet that Fallon would never be the host of "The Tonight Show&am…

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