Report: The NFL Is Investigating Jay-Z
Jay-Z may have something big he'd like to brush off his shoulder: an NFL investigation. TMZ reported that the NFL is looking into whether or not rap mogul-turned-sports agent Jay-Z had improper involvement in recruiting former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith to his Roc Nation Sports agency…
Jay Z Pictured In Old Time Photo From 1930’s?
This is a picture from Harlem, New York in the year 1939. It was posted on the Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture blog. Who knew Jay Z was a watcher?
The Schomburg Center posted:
Does the man on the right remind you of someone...
Jay-Z + Beyonce Criticized for Cuba Trip
Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba, with Jay puffing on cigars and Bey snapping photos of the landscape, likely for her Tumblr, where she shares tons and tons of pics. As soon as the images and the news of the couple enjoying the country and Havana landed online, th…

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