Marathon Dad Defends Absence from School [VIDEO]
Going on a family vacation does not count as an excused absence from school. That seems reasonable, but what about the vacations with a purpose? Mike Rossi is a 47 year old father of two who ran in the 2015 Boston Marathon. The whole family made the trip from Rydal, Pennsylvania to cheer him on...
UPDATE: Missing Pet Found
A Fairhaven family has reunited with their Jack Russell Terrier, Jack. Jack went missing yesterday but has been returned to his West Island family. Thank you to all who helped Jack return home safely.
An Elderly Man And His Pet Fox Jack [VIDEO]
There are cat lovers and there are dog lovers, but what about fox lovers? We sometimes hear about fox sightings in the Dartmouth and surrounding areas, and jump to conclusions on how wily and troublesome they are, but one elderly man thinks otherwise.