iphone 5

Michael Rock Talks To Siri
On and off the air, Producer Gazelle is always recording and filming Michael and Loren's every move. This time, he may have crossed the line a bit when he catches a conversation between Michael and his phone, Siri.
Watch the video to check out the conversation between the two...
Is iPhone 5 Worth The Wait?
Today is the day iPhone 5 hits the stores as lines and lines of hopefuls armed with their iPads await the 8am opening of Apple Stores to get their hands on the latest creation from Apple.
Iphone 5 Shatters Apple Record
Well that didn't take long.  The first batch of pre-orders for the Iphone 5 have sold out.  It took the 4S 22 hours to sell out it's pre-order "launch day" stock.  So take a guess at how long it took for the Iphone 5's took to get gobbled up?
The iPhone 5 Has Arrived
Apple just announced the brand new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5, at the latest press conference. It's thinner, it's faster, and it's now 4G LTE compatible! Since this iPhone 5 is longer, it can have an extra row of icons that the iPhone 4 and 4S doesn't have. Thanks for finally jum…
The New iPhone Revealed Today
Some people like to count down to Christmas, I like to countdown to new technology. It's been about a year since the iPhone 4S has graced us with its presence and made a mark on the smartphone stage, and today is the day the brand new iPhone is revealed.