25 Days: The Landing Gift Shop & Chandlery
The Landing Gift Shop & Chandlery 
98 Front St. | New Bedford
The Landing is all about LOCAL - local artists, clothing and gifts are all part of the charm. Shopping at the Landing means your buying from your neighbors AND supporting your neighbors.
Tonka Truck Recall
The ever famous Tonka Trunk may have started a fire in Washington State this past week. Christmas is right around the corner prompting many parents of adventurous and imaginative kids to by this great toy for their little ones.
Roxanne Harden tells NBC 10, she and her husband scored a 12-volt Tonka M…
How to Prevent ‘Porch Pirates’ From Stealing Your Gifts
It's that time of year where gifts just start showing up. Whether it's grandma sending her 20 bucks for the grandkids or the special present you got your hubby for the holidays, it's a great feeling to see the package on the door step. So how much would it suck if you went home and fo…

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