Baby Food Recall
A small piece of glass was found in a Beech-Nut Nutrition product. As a result, the company is participating in a voluntary recall for almost two thousand baby food products nationwide.
The recall was announced yesterday and involves "4-oz...
Sabra Hummus Recalled
(The first 16 seconds of the video pertain to the recall)
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported on Wednesday that the Sabra Dipping Co. is recalling 30,000 cases of hummus due to possible contamination with Listeria.
A routine, random sample at a store in Michigan in late March...
Five Reasons to Run a 5k
We recently read an article about how participating in a 5k can keep you motivated. With two 5ks of our own coming up this year- we thought we'd share what motivation points we agree with.
13 Things That Make You Look Older
From Check out this list of everyday things you could be doing that are making you look older than your actual age!
Sleeping with your face in the pillow: Sleeping on your side, stomach, or in the same position, can cause wrinkles...
Save Your Skin Tips
The winter is a killer on hair & skin.  The dry air can leave your tresses looking brittle and your skin looking flaky. Boo! The skin is the body's largest organ. Here are some tips from our friends at Avalon Medical Spa on how to protect your skin while also keeping yourself looki…
2015 Health Trends Explained
You’re a few weeks into those new year resolutions and undoubtedly have a news feed full of friends and family who are trying new, hip health routines.  There are likely a few health trends you’ve seen but are still unsure of what they are.  Here&CloseCurlyQ…
Spend Your FSA Before The End Of The Year.
If you have some money in your flexible spending account, you may want to hurry up and use it before you lose it. If the funds aren't used by December 31, you lose whatever balance you may have had.

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