harlem shake

Harlem Shake Goes Bad
The Harlem Shake craze is winding down and we have all seen our share of great ones. But what we have not seen a lot of are the Harlem Shake videos that end badly. Watch how this girl almost gets cut to ribbons as her butt does some serious damage...
Baauer Is Being Sued For “Harlem Shake”
Dj/Producer Baauer never thought his song "Harlem Shake" would blow up the way it has with the aid of youtube but now that it has I bet he never thought he'd be getting sued for it either..
Grumpy Cat vs. The Harlem Shake
We all know the grumpy cat from Facebook. You've seen his image in one thing or another. Now, out comes the Harlem Shake, let's see if the Grumpy cat is amused.

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