Boutique Fitness Expanding to Mattapoisett
If you’re not familiar with Boutique Fitness, you should know that co-owners Lara Harrington and Angela Corrieri-Johnson want you to conquer your goals just as much as you want to conquer your goals.  With seven trainers who provide guided workouts tailored to individual clients, group sessions, per…
Day After Leg Day [VIDEO]
I admit I haven't been to the gym in a while. My New Year's resolution fell by the wayside when we got hit with six feet of snow in 4 weeks. So I got back on track yesterday by trying a new exercise routine with a friend.
It's called the "Brazilian Butt Workout" and i…
Get Summer Fit Without Hitting The Gym
If you're anything like me, than you are not a huge fan of the gym. I just don't love having people watch me as a struggle to work out and do these complicated exercises. Not to mention, some of these prices for gym memberships are just plain crazy.
Taylor Swift Hits the Gym! [PHOTOS]
Taylor Swift works out! Seriously. The statuesque singer really is like the rest of us. She also shops at Victoria's Secret. That fact is evidenced by her black workout gear, boasting the PINK logo, which is the lingerie brand's activewear range, on her sweatshirt!

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