10 Signs You Grew Up in Fraggle Rock
Do you enjoy dancing your cares away? Do you find yourself singing at the slightest provocation? Do the sounds of construction get your mouth watering? All of these and the ten qualities below are signs that you may have grown up in the fun-filled land of Fraggle Rock...
11 Signs You’re Addicted To ‘Breaking Bad’
On Sunday AMC's hit series "Breaking Bad" premiered the first of its remaining eight episodes ever. If you watch and love this show, then chances are you didn't miss it. As a matter of fact, there is a pretty good chance that you are completely obsessed with this show.
10 Places You Can Listen To Fun 107 With RadioPup
We know how much the Southcoast loves to listen to Fun 107, and we feel your pain when you're out of the area and can't get the signal. Well fear not because we have a mobile app that allows you to listen to Fun 107 wherever life's path takes you! It's called radioPup, and it mig…
10 Reasons To Be Excited For The New Backstreet Boys Album
This week BSB fans all over the world got excited when their new album 'In A World Like This' dropped. Not the teenage heart throbes they once were, they have transformed into men, with a more mature sound. So why should you be excited for this new album? We have 10 reasons for that.
Things That Parents Say to Non-Parents That Are So Annoying
Before anyone says anything, yes being a parent is tough. However, people have been doing this job for as long as people have been walking around the Earth. So spoiler alert - you aren't the first people to have kids, be tired, or hate yourself for sitting through a 6 hour tee-ball game.
15 Things That People on the Southcoast Love
When it comes to the Southcoast, we have some very unique tastes. Sure some of the areas may have things that are a bit different (what's up with the lack of cheese rolls in Fall River?), but when it comes down to it, we are all part of the same area.

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