SouthCoast’s Most Haunted: Fearing Tavern
For the five weeks leading up to Halloween, WBSM's resident paranormal researcher Tim Weisberg will feature five of the SouthCoast's most haunted locations, including some that you can explore for yourself.
I've lived in Wareham for just about 25 years now, and I'm convinced that the Fearing Tavern i…
Can a Ghost Follow Me Home?
With the recent announcement of Face Your Fear Night on October 17 at Fort Taber in New Bedford, the SouthCoast has been overwhelmingly ready to explore the haunted fort and batteries at the historic park. They're going to grab up their flashlights, maybe pick up an EMF meter and walk bravely i…
Face Your Fears Night is Coming to Fort Taber
Get ready to face your fears and take on Fort Taber with a group of paranormal investigators!  For years there have been rumors about paranormal activity throughout the Fort including inside of the buildings and around the grounds.  On October 17th, you'll have the chance to experienc…
Store In New Hampshire Has People Spooked
I have never witnessed any kind of paranormal activity in person before, and i know a lot of it is mind games. With that said, take a look at this video about a store in Gilford New Hampshire that has the employees at the store spooked.