Five Year Old Hacks Into Dad’s XBox One
All video game consoles from companies like Sony and Microsoft try to take security into effect right? Sony had an issue a few years back where their Playstation Network got hacked, now Microsoft is having an issue, with a five year old, who managed to hack into his dad's Xbox One account to p…
Family Feud Question Is Too Risky To Answer [VIDEO]
I was just scanning the internet for interesting things to share with you today, and even though this is a little old, I had to share it.
Watch these two guys refuse to answer a question due to the content of said question.
I wonder who will laugh more, the ladies or the men...
Bruno Mars and Ellen Team Up For Prank
Ellen teamed up with her guest Bruno Mars to pull a hilarious prank on a sweet nurse. Ellen hired a nurse to administer a quick medical check up on Bruno while he was in his dressing room.
What the nurse didn’t know was that Bruno was wearing an ear piece connected to Ellen&CloseCurly…

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