When a Banana Peel Attacks
Oh Yes...The Famous Banana Peel, the discarded waste of a Banana, Watch what happens to this poor cat. The peel viciously attacks the feline. Luckily, the cat's lightning fast reflexes saved the day and most certainly bodily injury for the cat...
Watch Lightning Strike at Couple’s Beach Wedding
Was it a bad omen or a free light show? Whatever the cause, the couple in this video probably started having second thoughts when a big bolt of lightning struck right behind them during their beach side wedding in the Florida Keys.
The strike came hard and fast and freaked everyone out...
Husband Records Wife Telling Drunk Story and Animates It
We love that there are so many creative people in this world lately. This husband took the opportunity to record his wife - who had a little too much to drink - telling what she thought was a hilarious story about two corn chips that meet on the school yard. His work, and her dedication to…
News Anchor Pulls Off A Bruce Almighty Moment
Big fan of Jim Carrey here, so when I saw this clip, I couldn't help but think about his movie Bruce Almighty. Watch as this Puerto Rican anchor messes up some words and the just goes all bizzaro on the air. Funny stuff.

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