12 Signs You Might Be Addicted To a TV Show
The people over at BuzzFeed put together a great video that characterizes someone that we all no doubt know in one for or another. So if you act like this, or know someone like this, chances are they may need professional help.
Sad Cat Diary Finally Gives Cats Everywhere a Voice [VIDEO]
If you happen to be a cat, then you are amazing for being able to get on the internet and read this article! We should also probably look into how this happened. At any rate, if you are a human who is reading this, and you own a cat, then be prepared to finally get inside of your cat's head to …
When a Banana Peel Attacks
Oh Yes...The Famous Banana Peel, the discarded waste of a Banana, Watch what happens to this poor cat. The peel viciously attacks the feline. Luckily, the cat's lightning fast reflexes saved the day and most certainly bodily injury for the cat...

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