Sister Gets Upstaged By Little Brother [VIDEO]
I happen to be a single child, I know that this is quite the rare situation. If you have siblings, then this video you will love and completely relate to! You're hanging with a friend on a rainy Friday night making stupid videos, because it's fun...
The 12 Funniest Chickens on the Web
We’ve seen our fair share of entertaining animals. Horses and birds are among our favorites, but there’s a particular version of the latter that has gotten our attention of late. Ladies and gents, today we bring you the funniest chickens on the Web, because, well, it&…
The Next Wave in Fitness: Get Ready To Prancercise!
Forget Zumba, yoga, hot yoga, hip hop yoga, or whatever other kind of yoga there is. The latest fitness trend has nothign to do with breaking a sweat, or busting a move or doing anything more then walking around. It's called Prancercise, and it looks like an easy way to get your cardio in.
Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep On TV
What would Miss Daisy say.   During a morning TV interview promoting their new movie "Now You See Me," Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were talking live with a couple of anchors.  Morgan freeman just couldn't stay awake.

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