News Reporter Pranks Video Photobombers [VIDEO]
Too many times, you've seen a news reporter live on the scene somewhere, and when they least expect it, someone in the background embarrasses them. Not anymore! News reporter, Pat Tomasulo, from a Chicago News Station WGN decided to get back by pranking them.
The Top 10 Aaron Hernandez Memes
Lets be real, Aaron Hernandez is in the joint for quite awhile, especially with all the evidence presented, it's not going to go well. Social media has had a field day at the expense of the former number 81.
Dad Catches A Popsicle Thief [VIDEO]
I thought this was appropriate with all the hot weather we're having. A Dad found his son snooping around the freezer early in the morning. And what do we all do when we get caught at that young age, we lie through our teeth, that's covered with frozen popsicle.

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