8 Photos Of Celebrities and Their Cartoon Doppelgangers
It's safe to say that the fashion of celebrities has gotten a bit "cartoonish" as of late, but in some cases it looks like the celebrities have actually turned into some of these characters. We came across some celebs that look just like these famous cartoon characters.
10 Signs You Grew Up in Fraggle Rock
Do you enjoy dancing your cares away? Do you find yourself singing at the slightest provocation? Do the sounds of construction get your mouth watering? All of these and the ten qualities below are signs that you may have grown up in the fun-filled land of Fraggle Rock...
Hot Dog Legs Tumblr Is Our New Favorite Thing
You know those girls who like to take those shots of them lounging around. Did you ever notice that their legs don't really look like legs, but more like hot dogs? Now there is an entire Tumblr page dedicated to just that.
Jennifer Aniston Takes Part in Awkward Interview With British DJ
The folks of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 have once again worked their magic with a major celebrity. They took a member of the show, Chris Stark, and put him in a room with the lovely and talented Jennifer Aniston. It wasn't your typical interview, to say the least, but Aniston some how …

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