When a Banana Peel Attacks
Oh Yes...The Famous Banana Peel, the discarded waste of a Banana, Watch what happens to this poor cat. The peel viciously attacks the feline. Luckily, the cat's lightning fast reflexes saved the day and most certainly bodily injury for the cat...
Grumpy Cat vs. The Harlem Shake
We all know the grumpy cat from Facebook. You've seen his image in one thing or another. Now, out comes the Harlem Shake, let's see if the Grumpy cat is amused.
Religious Cat Prays For Forgiveness[VIDEO]
Hey Friends! I like to put up some videos when I come across them. This one was shown to me by my 11 year old daughter Mackenzie. She thinks this cat is great, to the point where she is almost crying at the end from laughing so hard. So, I decided to share it with you...