My Met Gala Worst Dressed List [PHOTOS]
Despite the best efforts, sometimes even the biggest of stars can wear the worst of outfits. No one likes to end up on the worst dressed list, but after last night's Met Gala red carpet these ladies made mine.
How Much Are You Willing To Pay?
I know myself I just can't justify spending more than $40 for jeans and I try to keep my spending to a minimum when it comes to most articles of clothing so I decided to bring this up on the air.
Larry seemed to have the same mindset as me but Michael Rock said he is still "the chick on…
Fashion Color Trends For 2014
Every year there are "it" colors for fashion.  This year happens to be my favorite color paired with my least favorite color.  I guess I can be half trendy!
For Winter, since sadly it is still here....the "it" color is LIGHT PINK!  Yay...
Create the Holiday Sweater of Your Dreams
The holidays have quickly become synonymous with the god-awful Holiday Sweater.  Beginning this week, you can take your holiday fashion a step further and create a place where kittens, snowman and dinosaurs co-exist on a magical, poly-blend canvas.
Tegan Quin Talks Future Plans And Fashion
Tegan Quin from Tegan and Sara sat down for a quick interview with Popcrush to talk about her hopes for the future career of Tegan and Sara and also, how they manage to stay stylish while living out of a suitcase.
Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Skrillex Hair [PHOTOS]
Jada Pinkett Smith, mother of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith -- as well as the wife of Will Smith -- won't be whipping her hair back and forth like her baby girl anytime soon. The actress and singer was snapped at LAX on Oct. 7, rocking Skrillex hair.

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