This Vine Video Proves Why Twerking Is Dangerous To Everyone
These poor girls. In an attempt to show off their presumably awesome twerking skills, one of them pays the ultimate price. Will she recover and ever twerk again? We're still awaiting medical confirmation. Right now, it doesn't look like she'll be twerking anytime soon.
This Might Be the Worst Taekwondo Demonstration, Ever [VIDEO]
We aren't exactly sure if this is a piece of super wood, or if this guy is the worst taekwondo instructor in the history of the world. Watch as this poor guy tries, and tries, AND tries, to break this piece of wood. Finally, when it happens, injury ensues, and this guy is the absolute worst.
Spider on Camera Scares Weather Girl [VIDEO]
When a TV meteorologist steps in front of that green screen you pretty much know what to expect. Now what if a spider happens to crawl onto the camera that is projecting those weather map images? Well that's a whole different story.

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