Fun Facts About The Lottery
Everyone is talking about Powerball today,but how much do you know about hitting it big? Here's some fun facts about this massive jackpot and what winning it means.
Ten Fun Facts About Snow
Nobody likes to drive in it and we definitely complain when we have to shovel it, but there are fun things to know about snow. So the next time the flakes start to fall, here are some interesting facts about snow to impress your friends with.
Weird Halloween Trivia
Halloween can be a weird night for a lot of reasons, but there are a few fun facts about the holiday that you might not know about.
10 Mind Blowing Facts About Disney
Disney might be one of the most well known brand son the entire planet. Movies, television, parks, hotels, cruises, you name it, Disney does it. But we have come across some interesting facts that you might not know about the most magical place on earth, and some of their beloved films.

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