How I Lost 25 Pounds In Seven Months
It's hard to believe it, but the scale is telling me the truth, I have lost 25 pounds in the past seven months. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. I'll tell you how I did it and maybe I can help motivate others to reach their goals too.
Exercising In Moon Boots [VIDEO]
Okay, they're really not moon boots...but they kind of look like them! I don't know how I've never seen this before, but a new kind of exercise routine sure looks like a lot of fun!
Get Summer Fit Without Hitting The Gym
If you're anything like me, than you are not a huge fan of the gym. I just don't love having people watch me as a struggle to work out and do these complicated exercises. Not to mention, some of these prices for gym memberships are just plain crazy.
Fun 107 Insane Inflatable 5K
We, at Fun 107, will be hosting our very own Insane Inflatable 5K and we would love it if you would come out on October 4th and join us for a fun-filled, "bouncy" day at UMass Dartmouth!
7 Ways To Look Younger Now
Are you tired of feeling older than you actually are? People tell you all the time how good you look but you just don't feel that way. Would you like to feel as young as you look? Simple changes can be made to your daily life to help you feel younger and look great. They don't have to be d…

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