Montigny: New Bill Stronger Than ‘Useless’ Cell Phone Law
If you like to talk on your cell phone while driving in Massachusetts, it might be time to invest in some hands-free technology.
The state's Transportation Committee voted unanimously Friday for legislation that would ban all Massachusetts drivers from holding a cell phone to make a call, use th…
Guy Drives Through Snow in Convertible… WITH TOP DOWN!!
@AlysonBruner @cleveland19news heading onto 480 west from 77 north pic.twitter.com/cm94rD5Zt4
— joe burdick (@joe_burdick) December 15, 2016
How crazy do you think this guy has to be? Out of his mind right? Just look at him!
Gotta admire that determination...
How to Prep Your Car for Winter
The title may seem demeaning. You've probably lived in here forever and have seen all types of blizzards and terrible snow. But as the Dartmouth Police Department says, it doesn't hurt to be extra prepared. That is why they put out a link to a list of things you can do with your car to get…
Problem with Passing School Buses While Lights Are Flashing
Andrea Vigus of Dartmouth noticed something was very wrong with how some motorists are dealing with school buses stopping to pick children up and dropping them off. She posted about how a USPS truck illegally passed a school bus in front of her house on Friday, December 2nd...

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