North Andover Teen Punished For Helping Friend
Erin Cox, a North Andover Mass High School student is being punished for picking up her intoxicated friend from a party.
When she arrived, police were also there arresting people for underage drinking.
“But I wasn’t drinking,” Cox told the Boston Herald...
Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Drink Wine?
It's a question that often comes up after a woman finds out that she's expecting, and usually people would jump right to "no", but according to a new article in the Wall Street Journal women might get a different answer.
The Bay Vodka — Alcohol Seasoned Like Old Bay
It's no surprise that there is a new flavored vodka on the market, but the flavor may be the surprise.  If you do any cooking you have to be familiar with 'Old Bay Seasoning', it's used in a lot of seafood dishes to enhance the flavor.

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