Mother-Daughter Duo Receive Diplomas Together
This weekend's graduation at Bristol Community College has special significance for a Dartmouth family.
Michele Lareau and her daughter, Linsey Cormier, will both walk the stage and receive their Associate's Degrees.
Lareau says she had always been a stay at home mom, and once both of her daughters we…
Storytime for Mommy [VIDEO]
We came across this beautiful story on The Little Things. If you are a mommy, how often do you forget just how important you are? How often are you reminded? Deborah's surprise will show you how much a mommy really means to her little ones...
Groom’s Most Heartfelt Vows Ever [VIDEO]
Nascar driver, Brian Scott, married Whitney Kay back in January of this year. Their seven minute wedding video is nothing short of breathtaking, but the true show-stopping moment happens about four minutes in.
Scott watches his bride walk down the aisle, clearly choked up while taking mental pictures…

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