Woman Drives Over Opening Drawbridge [VIDEO]
I think we can all agree that getting stuck at the New Bedford-Fairhaven drawbridge can be torture sometimes. And yet we all manage to sit and wait like normal drivers. Well one woman in Croatia is not nearly as patient as we are.
Brazil Opens 2014 World Cup With A Victory
The first match of the 2014 World Cup is in the books.  Host nation Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 in a Group A match in Sau Paulo.  Three more matches are on tap for Friday, with Mexico taking on Cameroon, Spain playing The Netherlands and Chile going up against Greece...
A Baby Goat Is Born With Eight Legs
And we all thought octopi only lived in the ocean... until now. A baby goat was born in Croatia earlier this week but there is something very unique about this little buddy. The goat was born with eight legs. The "octogoat" was also born with male and female reproductive organs which has l…