Aaron Hernandez Says ‘Not Guilty’ 6 Times In Court
In what will be the biggest waste of tax payer dollars, Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez actually had the kahunas to say "not guilty" six times to the judge and mouthed "I love you" to his fiance at his arraignment today on charges that he executed h…
Chris Brown Wants To Quit Music
After Chris Brown got out of jail on Monday August 5th, which he did on his own terms for the hit and run case that he's been in and out of courts recently battling, he took to twitter to declare his want to quit music.
New Jersey ‘Tan Mom’ Goes To Court But Not Charged
Remember the New Jersey mom with the heavily tanned face who got into trouble when the staff at her daughter's school noticed burns on the girl's legs? The 5-year-old told authorities that she got them from being in a tannning booth with her mother.

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