26 Year Old Dartmouth Man Arrested
Dartmouth - MA
Dartmouth PD arrested 26 year old Jordan Dunham on Friday for narcotics charges.
All of this came about after a health and welfare check in the Crossroads Apartment Complex, when an officer found him hung over with heroin on his lap...
Pleased Pig Perp in Patrol Car [VIDEO]
It sounds like a joke, but this pig smiles smugly in the backseat of a cop car after officers in Michigan captured the loose hog. Apparently he escaped his enclosure and became infatuated with a lawn ornament about and eighth of a mile away...
Jeremih Causes Ruckus At Fuddruckers
I'm sure Jeremih hoped the manager of a Montana Fuddruckers would have a "Don't Tell Em" policy, but after he and his crew went nuclear in the restaurant, cops definitely got called.
Cardboard Cutout Cops
A small town in England wanted to beef up their police force, but didn't have the budget. So they settled for the next best thing...cardboard cutout cops! They only cost 40 bucks a piece...and police say they've WORKED! Crime has been cut in half in some places that are using the cardboard…