25 Days: Barcelos Bakery
Barcelos Bakery
695 Bedford St, Fall River
Barcelos Bakery and Cafe has everything from Portuguese pastries, pops and a wide variety of baked breads to St. George's cheese and everything in between.
Are You a S.P.U.G?
S.P.U.G. stands for 'The Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving.' It was a group that assembled in 1912 when women felt pressured into giving extravagant gifts to their bosses or superiors in exchange for work favors, or a raise. Small bribes at Christmas time don't really count…
25 Days: Carters Clothing
Carters Clothing
55 William Street | New Bedford
288 Plymouth Ave, | Fall River
With the cold weather around the corner, it's the perfect time to explore Carters Clothing's two locations to keep your body warm and your wallet full this winter.

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