New Bedford Bus Accident Shatters Windows
An afternoon bus accident involving a Trembley Bus on Bullard Street and Acushnet Avenue left several windows shattered from ladders attached to a van parked near the intersection.
Several children were on board and transferred to another bus, then taken to St Lukes to be checked...
Fall River Children’s Holiday Parade
Be sure to bundle up this Saturday- it’s the 29th Annual Children's Holiday Parade!  Held in Fall River each year, this parade continues to be one of the largest Children’s Holiday Parades in New England.  It features over 140 unites, including floats, …
Scott Reiniche Enjoys a Summer Day Out With His Daughter
For most people these days, vacations are hard to take. People don't have much disposable income anymore, and maybe time off from work is hard to take with companies not offering sick time or personal days, meaning lots of workers are having to use vacation time for days when they are actually …
Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Drink Wine?
It's a question that often comes up after a woman finds out that she's expecting, and usually people would jump right to "no", but according to a new article in the Wall Street Journal women might get a different answer.

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