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Does Anyone Still Have A Land line Phone?
The figures are climbing. In 2012 about 36 percent of American households did not have a landline. Five years before that, the number was 16 percent.
I think there are a few reasons people still have one. They may have poor cell phone reception at home, or maybe have an alarm system that requires the…
Motorist Destroys Unattentive Drivers Cell Phone [VIDEO]
It happens a lot, a driver is on their cell phone while driving and has no idea of what is going on around them. They may be driving slow on the highway without knowledge of anything going on behind them, or stopped in the middle of the road like this person in the video is...
New Study Says Teens Text While Asleep
Teens on average are now getting less sleep than ever. And according to a nursing professor at Villanova University, the sleep many do get is interrupted by texting.
Cell Phone Obsessed — What Are We Turning Into?
My wife once told me that family matters were off-limits when it comes to the Fun Morning Show.   But, I have to sneak this one in.   Her sister is a wonderful person.   A kind woman who do anything to help anyone.   There's just one thing. &nbs…

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