Really Cool Peep Recipes
You thought that Peeps were just a fun Easter treat for kids, didn't you?  Well If you are a kid at heart you probably have a fondness for the little marshmallow treats.
What’s Your Favorite Easter Candy? [POLL]
Easter Sunday falls on March 31st, and we know who's visiting the little ones all around the Southcoast, the Easter Bunny! You wake up, run downstairs, and see all your favorite candies displayed in a bright neon easter basket.
60 Years Of Peeps
It's hard to believe there was actually Easter without those yellow marshmellow chicks. But that's how it was until 1953.
Economic Problems Hit Fun 107
Times are tough, prices are rising, paychecks are not, and things just took a turn for the worse here at Fun 107. If we want a snack in this building, we turn to our antiquated candy machine that contains various items like Doritos, Chips, Snickers, and a few other goodies.

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