Weather Service May Issue “Near Blizzard” Advisory
Local weather expert M.L.Baron says that the national weather service is close to issuing a near blizzard advisory for our area starting tomorrow and running into Friday night.
The latest forecast calls for up to a foot or more possible starting with light snow tonight...
Who Has The Right To A Cleared Out Parking Space?
Every big snow storm that occurs causes this great debate. You live in a house with no driveway. You park on a public street. You spend time shoveling out your car that was parked in a public spot. Then, you leave. Are you entitled to that spot when you return?
Blizzard Barbeque
When my kids think back and remember the Blizzard of '13, this will probably be one of the enduring images seared in their brains. C'mon...if you grew up in New KNOW you've done this before. It was Saturday night, the thermometer both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the house was plu…
Blizzard Replaces Video Games with Board Games
We are still without power at the Rock house. No power means no TV and no Wii. No TV and no Wii means kids are driving us "cray cray". My wife had an idea last night, and I couldn't believe how well it worked. We broke out the old Monopoly game...
Facts About The Blizzard Of 2013
The skies are clear, the main highways are in good shape, but for many here on the Southcoast the "Blizzard of '13' is not yet over.

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