Japanese Baseball Player Gives Most Epic Post Game Interview Ever
Great stuff here! And big ups to Mark DeRosa for knowing to just step away and allow Munenori Kawasaki to revel in winning the game for his team. The grabbing of the microphone, the yelling of his country of origin and ethnicity to the fans, the prepared reading from his notebook, and then the …
Cincinnati Bearcat Baseball Post Game Interviews Are The Best
We have all seen it before, a post game interview is nothing spectacular - especially a college baseball teams college TV station doing said interview. So what do you do? You turn things up a notch with some real creativity, as demonstrated by the Cincinnati Bearcat's!
Pitcher Gets Hit In The Head By Line Drive
Toronto Blue Jays pitcher J.A. Happ got hit in the head by a scorching line drive in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays sending the crowd into silence as he lay on the pitchers mound before being carried off on a stretcher. He was taken to a hospital right away...
Watch: Pitcher Throws Ball at Batter Who Requests Timeout
We all know that Japanese players come over to the MLB and have to adjust. Things are a bit different in the game of baseball in Japan, like for instance, if a pitcher doesn't enjoy that a batter calls timeout he can just throw the ball right at him, and suffer no consequences.
Young A’s Fan Throws Back The Ball [VIDEO]
This couldn't have come at a better time. Kids are the best when it comes to bringing them to the ballpark and seeing their little faces light up when they check out every inch of the field. It makes you smile everytime you see them having a ball. But, what happens when you give them a foul …

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