back in the day cafe

Inspector Gadget- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
Ahhh, memories! We love to recapture our childhood right? Well, this theme should do just that. A classic cartoon that was nothing more than pure fun and nonsense. Click on the video so you can hum along to the tune!! Who watched this cartoon faithfully...
Donkey Kong- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
This was one of my favorite games! My grandmother would give me quarters all day long to play at the old Dream Machine in the Dartmouth Mall. Then I was able to get it for the Atari system, which is STILL hooked up in my house. Check out this vintage commercial...
Tamagotchi Pet- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
POk, who had one of these things in the late 90s? This virtual pet needed constant attention. SO much tat you could never leave it at home, so kids were taking them to school which ended up getting them banned from classes. Fortunatly they made a new version which you can actually tuirn off
Pre DVR Days- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
We all love the DVR. We can record anything at anytime with the touch of a button or two. We can even set it from our phones now. But long ago, you could STILL record something if you were not home, thanks to Sony. Take a look at this video and see if you remember anyone having one of these great ad…

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