Video Sparks Racism Talk
A group called Simple Misfits conducted a video experiment. How will people react when a white guy tries to break into a car versus when a black guy tries?
No one seems to bother the white guy who quits the experiment after some time...
New Hampshire Farmer Feeds Turkeys Beer For Better Flavor And Size
Why not get them drunk before..well you know? They end up on my table with all the fixing's! It's the American way! One New Hampshire man does just that! Joe Morette says his turkeys will drink just about anything.
According to The Huffington Post, Morette, has been raising about 50 Thanksgiving turk…
Is a Cat Cafe Coming To Boston?
There are plenty of places for people to bring their dogs out in public, but the same does not bode for cat lovers. That could be changing in Massachusetts, if one local woman has her way.

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