It's not just Marco Polo the kids are playing in the pool these days, there are lots of new games that are fun for all ages. And the best part is, most of them use objects you've already got lying around the house!

If you're having a pool party or just trying to liven up a summer afternoon at the house, here are some fun games to try next time everyone's in the water!

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    Invisible Bottle

    Played with a simple two liter bottle, this game may be more challenging than you think! Take an empty 2-liter bottle, preferably with a white cap, and remove the wrapper. You then fill the bottle with pool water and divide your players into two teams. Each team goes to an opposite end of the pool, facing out. Someone outside the pool then throws the bottle in. When the teams hear the splash and they turn around and the search begins! The clear bottle and white cap end up blending with the pool's liner and makes finding it a tricky task!

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    Tube Race

    This race can be run with any type of floatie, whether it's a tube, a mat or an alligator. If it blows up, it's fair game! Players hop on their floaties, get to one end of the pool and - you guessed it - race to the other side. Paddling, kicking or whatever works...first person there wins!

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    Frozen T-Shirt Contest

    Nothing like a wet t-shirt contest, this can be played by everyone! And it better be played on a pretty hot day. The idea is to freeze a couple of t-shirts a few days before your get together and then day of bring them on out! Divide players into two teams and then whoever gets their shirt on first wins! Players can smash the shirts, wet the shirt, whatever it takes to get it on goes

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    Underwater Scavenger Hunt

    Perfect for keeping the kids busy, you can play teams or just individuals. If you're going to play teams, you want to gather up two of every object you toss in the pool. It can be marbles, utensils, quarters or anything that isn't sharp or made of glass (just to be safe!). Players will close their eyes as an out-of-pool-participant tosses the objects in. First player or team to find all the objects wins!

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    Dolphin Race

    This race has nothing to with knowing the dolphin stroke and everything with using your nose. Yep, your nose. The object of the game is to use only your nose to get a beach ball from one side of the pool to the other. You can play teams and race or play as individuals and see who has the fastest times. Just make sure you don;t use your hands!

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