If you haven't noticed there are a lot more people heading out to the gym these days. The question is, are they working out for the right reason, or following along with some very common fitness myths?

Yahoo Shine debunked some of these myths, and some of them may surprise you.

1. Three Meals a day is better than mini meals

This is true, according to the article. While some dieters may try to spread out many meals through the day, it has been proven that if you eat three square meals a day, you are less likely to snack in between. They also say that many people misinterpret the size of a mini meal, and take in too many calories.

2. Yo-Yo dieting in the past is bad for your future weight loss

This is false. A new study shows that women who lost 20 or more pounds on three separate occasions had no problem following along with a new diet plan. They say this was a common misconception first brought up in the 1980s.

3. Exercise does not burn off pounds

As odd as that sounds, it's true! They say that exercise does not actually burn off pounds, but making changes to your diet does, along with regular exercise. Don't be discouraged though, because moderate exercise can still make your pants fit better as it leans you up. So remember, eat right and exercise!

4. Tracking Carbs is the best way to lose weight

False! The key to a successful diet is balance. They say that by counting carbs, and decreasing you intakes you actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Limiting your fat intake can actually slow down your metabolism and work against you. Remember, balance, not elimination.

If you would like to see mor eof these diet myths and facts, check out the full article here.