Voters seeking to repeal the state casino may actually have a chance of winning this battle. A week after Foxwoods expressed interest in building a casino in Fall River, a new poll shows that support of building casinos here in Massachusetts is on the decline. According to The Boston Globe, 43 percent of voters are in favor of repealing the casino law. Back in January only 39 percent of voters were in disapproval. The numbers have evened out of the past few months and if the repeal is approved to appear on this November's ballot it may have a real chance to pass.

The poll suggests that men are more in support than women. 49 percent of men are in favor of the casino law while only 44 percent of women are in support.  The court will decided this summer if the repeal will appear on the ballot.

Last week we reported the possibility of a Foxwoods casino coming to Fall River. Foxwoods has purchased land in the city and the mayor is insist that the casino is indeed a reality but with recent reports it may not happen.