A lot of people hate to workout. Getting on a treadmill for 45 minutes can seem like torture if you don't want to be there. But with warmer weather comes that feeling that you should shape up for summer. So what if you could have fun while getting fit?

I feel very fortunate to teach anti-gravity yoga as a part-time job. That way my workouts are built into my week and I don't even have to think about it. But honestly even before I was teaching it, anti-gravity yoga was my workout obsession.

It is super fun first of all and it works literally every area of your body. Especially the upper body and core, what most ladies are looking to tone!

I know I've written about anti-gravity yoga before, but recently I had some extra time at the studio I teach in and made a few videos of my favorite moves. After sharing them with friends, it was suggested to share them to a slightly wider audience.

So if you've ever wondered what anti-gravity yoga looks like, here's a small taste of some of the moves

I can't promise you'll do every move you see here in your first class, but most people come away amazed at how much they can do with the hammocks on just the first try...and how much fun it is!