New Bedford High School is now considered a "Level 4" school and has been given three-years to turn things around.  If that doesn't happen, the high school becomes eligible for state takeover.

Across Massachusetts, 38 schools in 9 districts are listed as "level 4," meaning they are among the worst-performing for 4 years and had shown few signs of progress.

The superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools, Pia Durkin has now been empowered to make rapid changes at the high school.  That includes asking the staff to reapply for their positions.  The school also now becomes eligible for some large federal turnaround funds.

Due to staff lay-offs and a drop in the number of students at New Bedford High, the Gold House section of the school has been closed for this school year.   There have been complaints of overcrowded classrooms and halls, as well as a shortage of food in the cafeteria.