If you saw 'Star Trek: Into Darkness', you know that there is one scene that has women shaking their heads, and guys everywhere saying 'thank you'. That scene has now been apologized for. 

We are of course referring to the scene that features the beautiful Alice Eve, who plays Dr.Carol Marcus, in her underwear for what seems to be no apparent reason. Well, the real reason is that every movie needs some sort of scene with a lady displaying 'the goods'.

The producer of the film, Damon Lindelof, has now apologized after catching some flak over the scene on twitter.

Now lets not forget that no ladies were complaining about the Chris Pine scenes, but we won't mention that. In the first 'Star Trek' film Zoe Saldana was in her underwear, along with actress Rachel Nichols for no reason as well. So is it really that controversial?

Alice Eve has yet to comment on it, but how could she be upset? She looks gorgeous! Of course she wouldn't mind showing off  a little bit.