There are a lot of ways to land yourself in jail, and assaulting an officer is easy way to get there.Fox 25 out of Boston reports that a 23 year old woman, Maxine Romano, decided to take the law into her own hands Monday night. The law being that she felt a police officer had broke the law.

As it turns out, she broke the law - shocking, we know. After acting like a member of the 'Jersey Shore' cast, aka belligerent and drunk out of her mind, the hotel bar she was at asked her to leave. It was after she refused that the cops came into the picture.

The police tried to get her cab ride home, but apparently she didn't like that idea. After some more craziness, they brought her into the station where she stabbed an officer with the heel of her shoe. Ouch.

No official report, but we believe the officer and the shoe are doing just fine. Maxine however, she will most likely regret this move.