Please do not panic.  Please do not dial 911. Don't even run and hide in your closet. My initial contact with Commander Glort, who, through in interpreter, told me he is from a far away galaxy that I could not begin to spell or pronounce, was somewhat friendly. Glort is one of about 50 aliens who are visiting the Southcoast area for the next several days, in honor of the Zeiterion Theatre's 30 Anniversary season. As a matter of fact, you are invited to dance in the street with the aliens on Thursday, October 11th. The outer-space creatures will parade through the downtown New Bedford streets for Aha Night. Meantime, you will probably see them at locations varying from supermarkets, restaurants, bus stops and the popular hang-outs. Smile, wave and take a photo with them. And congratulations to the "Z" on their 30th anniversary.