Are we wrong?  Are these places tourist traps?

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    Plymouth Rock

    Really just...underwhelming.  Can't even tell you how many of my out of town friends have complained, "Seriously?  That's IT?"

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    The Lizzie Bordon House

    We're big fans, but out of town visitors will be disappointed to find out that you can really just visit the gift shop unless you have booked an overnight stay or a paid tour.

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    Captain John's Whale Watching

    Tourists (who tend to be land lubbers) have a tendency to enjoy some good old fashioned sea sickness.  If losing your lunch overboard isn't your may want to think twice.  If your boat is lucky enough to see a whale, you might be laying down on one of the benches on the boat.
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    Flying Horses Carousel

    It's the oldest carousel in America (dating back to 1876).  That's cool, but as the old nursery rhyme says, "There’s a Carousel in Oak Bluffs town,

    The horses don’t go up or down,

    The horses just go ‘round and ‘round,

    On the Carousel in Oak Bluffs town."

    We will say the free ride for the "golden ring" might make up for this deficiency!

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    Cape Cod Traffic

    Quite literally the worst "trap" of them all!  Tourist rookies would never dream what it's like to be in a 17 mile backup getting on and off the Cape.

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