Just as play is the primary modality of a child because it is both familiar and reassuring, raising funds to help make that pediatric health care experience the most comfortable is the centerpiece of FUN 107 and WBSM's Southcoast Health's Pediatrics Radiothon Friday, June 20.

Donations raised will go to purchase needed overnight chairs, so parents can sleep in the hospital room with their little one. For those of us who are parents and grandparents, the thought of letting our children stay overnight in a hospital room by themselves is out of the question. The radiothon will hopefully raise enough funds to purchase the chairs that parents can also sleep in.

Southcoast Health is not-for-profit, never refuses treatment, and offers many community-based health programs. Just as children depend on the interaction of families, FUN 107 and WBSM also understand that communities that support the health and welfare of children foster a positive and stronger future. Please join us at St. Luke's Hospital all day long and listen in on fun107.com and wbsm.com on Friday, June 20.