A sure way to either impress your family and friends tomorrow, or have then avoid you for the rest of the day, is to show them how much you know about Thanksgiving.  Here are some facts that not everyone knows about one of out favorite holidays.

-The very first Macy's Thanksgiving day parade was held back in 1924.  the parade has always been on 5th avenue, and the first one featured animals from the Central Park Zoo, as well as employees of Macy's.

-Pumpkin Pies were not around until 1796.  That's when the recipe for Pumpkin Pudding Pie first appeared in The American Cookbook.

-Only make turkeys gobble.   Wild turkeys gobble more than domestic ones.   The reason?  Of course they do it to attract females.

-Thanksgiving was not always the 4th Thursday in November.  When President Abraham declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, it would be celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of November.   It didn't become a federal holiday until 1939.  But in 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill moving Thanksgiving to the 4th Thursday of November.

-The Term "Black Friday" wasn't widely used until the 1980's.   There are a couple of ideas on where the term actually came from.  It was thought that it came from profit versus loss, or black ink versus red ink.   The day after thanksgiving was supposedly so profitable for stores, they used black ink instead of red.   Many large retail chains prefer to use that theory on the day's nameHere's the real story.   it originated in Philadelphia, when bus drivers and police officers referred to the day after Christmas "black Friday," due to the huge traffic tie-up from all the shoppers.  The story was published on some news papers in the late '70's, and the term slowly spread nationwide.   By 1985, it was being recognized nationally.