After her having her baby Lorenzo, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi went through an amazing transformation to get back into shape. So how did she do it? Her trainer is giving up all the secrets to her success!

In a recent interview with Yahoo's Daily Shot, trainer Anthony Michael decided to spill the details on how Snooki got her body back.

Snooki, who admitted to dealing with weight issues her whole life, looks fantastic in her new post-baby bod. So how did she do it?

Anthony says that there is "no quick fix", and it takes more than just exercise to change your body. Snooki changed her diet, and if you want to change yourself, you need to be willing to do just that. He also suggests that instead of just concentrating on one area of the body, you need to focus on your whole body. can’t spot reduce. Fat comes off in layers.

- Anthony Michael

Snooki lost 40 pounds after having her baby, but by combining exercise with a change in your diet, you could have the same results, according to Michael.