I'm sure most people have heard about the horrible crime that took place last week where a man beat up a cat with a baseball bat. Well, we have an update on the cat's recovery here!

Dr. Corinne M. Slaughter

Smudge the cat was brutally beaten by 55-year old Manuel Erinna of New Bedford a week ago after the cat accidentally bit his ex-girlfriend's granddaughter after she scratched the cat, according to myfoxboston.com

Smudge lost an eye due to the abuse and was taken by Animal Control and to the vet where surgery was performed on Tuesday morning.

Dr. Corinne Slaughter was determined to help the poor kitty and give her a better life. Her eye has been removed and the socket was sewn shut.

The cat will be put up for adoption by Habitat for Cats in New Bedford. If anyone is interested in adopting Smudge, you can call Habitat for Cats in New Bedford at 508-961- 2287.

*Donations are being accepted for Smudge's road to recovery and can be given through calling the same number! Let's help this kitty have a better life!